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Cradle Mountain - Tasmania (Continued)

The track winds through button grass plains

The track winds its way through button grass plains.

Within a reasonably short length of time, you leave the modern boardwalk for the more traditional track and start to wind your way up through some woodland, past a pretty waterfall, and on to the shores of Crater Lake.

There is a small, shingle roofed boat house here which will encourage you to rest a while and enjoy the scenery.

The track continues around the Eastern shore of the lake, eventually rising up to Marions Lookout. As you climb, you can look back on Crater Lake, and then eventually get a view of Dove Lake.

The climb to Marions Lookout is steep, but some chain has been installed to help those carrying backpacks to pull themselves up. Even if you are making the eight day hike, you will pause at Marions Lookout to enjoy the view.

Crater Lake

Tasmania is not the only place that has great lakes - check out Andy Bannister's English Lake District photos

In one word - spectacular. Well worth the effort. But wait - it just gets better and better.

Photo Above: Your first view of Crater Lake
Photo Below: The view of the lake as you climb up towards Marions Lookout.

Looking back at Crater Lake.

First glimpse of Cradle Mountain