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T r a v e l   t h e   w o r l d   f o r   j u s t   a   f e w   c l i c k s


Cradle Mountain - Tasmania (Continued)

Richard at the top.

You want proof? Well, here I am at the top, after two hours of struggle. And slowly the realisation dawns that although I got here, I still have to get down!

I hope you enjoyed the trip.

And I took some more photos (rests) on the way down
so click here to view more of this wonderful area.

Barn Bluff is seen in the centre of this panorama taken from the
top of Cradle Mountain - that's Ben on the left.
Click here to see a larger version of this photo.

The Cradle Mountain story is dedicated to
Ben's Aunt Jean - at the time of writing
90 years of age - who climbed the crag
in her younger days.