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Hepburn Springs on TravelSnapz

Hepburn Springs

Some of the therapies I have never heard of! But this place is popular, so they must work.

Aerospa baths I can understand, but I'm not sure about the zenoxy massager, or (unique to Hepburn Springs so the promotion goes) the homeopathic baths.

The bath house at Hepburn Springs was originally built in 1895 to take advantage of the mineral springs in the area. The centre now offers a range of services from beauty therapies to flotation tanks and body wraps - it is a popular treat (and retreat) for those in the modern stressful life of Melbourne just an hour and a half away.

The walks to the natural mineral springs that bubble up in the surrounding hills may even be more beneficial than the actual taking of the waters. Flashes of red and green as the parrots flit from tree to tree overhead, the tall white trunks of the gum trees, the taste of the spring water - all contribute to a general feeling of well-being after a trip to Hepburn Springs.

And if you want to part with some cash at the bath house, go for it.

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