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Rise Loutek's puppets
Old puppets from the Rise Loutek's stable.

The Ríse Loutek company is famous in the Czech Republic. This puppet theatre company was originally established in 1920 as an amateur company under professional leadership.

Over the years they have demonstrated a rich history of performance and design that has contributed strongly to the tradition of Czech puppetry. The company has used a variety of puppet forms including marionettes, rod, hand and shadow puppets.

The founder of the company was sculptor Vojtech Sucharda and his legacy includes statues adorning buildings around Prague including the Apostle figures on the famous clock in the city square.

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Ríse Loutek's program over the years has included fairy tales, folk stories, variety shows and some more adventurist plays. They have used the purpose built puppet theatre on Zatecká Street in the Old Town since its contruction in 1928. This theatre has altered little to the present day. You walk under a magnificent portal sporting the UNIMA symbol (the International Puppet Union), down some stairs to the box office and foyer. The theatre is in a semi-circular arrangement and the stage is fully equipped for puppet work.

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The theatre is shared with the National Marionette Theatre who are currently (and breaking records since 1991) staging Don Giovanni by W A Mozart (note that in peak tourist periods, the company also stages Don Giovanni at the Estates Theatre (Stavovské Theatre). Don Giovanni is a gorgeous romp through Don Giovanni's seduction escapades. The puppeteers are delightful actors and they have the ability to show their enjoyment and involvement in the art through the strings they so ably manipulate.

Because of its popularity, there are a couple of versions of Don Giovanni around - make sure you see the National Marionette Theatre's version - you won't be disappointed.

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