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Chios, Greece - a TravelSnapz Postcard

Chios goat

You're definitely lost!

... You Can't Get Lost on an Island

"We're lost", Jen said.

"You can't get lost on an island", I said.

The mountain goat that I was staring at had that "you're lost" look on its face."We'll just keep on going" I said, "We are bound to strike the coast soon".

It had been a good day.We had hired a car so we could see Chios properly. Our journey so far had taken us from the island's capital, which nestles in a picturesque harbour, North along the coast through some pretty seaside villages.

We passed Homer's Rock (where Homer is reputed to have sat and taught his students - the man must have been dedicated because the rock wasn't at all comfortable).

At one of the villages we watched a fisherman clean a good catch of octopus - he held them up proudly for a photo.

From the coast we headed inland.
We were now a little off the beaten track. We had been following the main road but it had slowly reduced from gravel to a bit of a goat track.

"Lost", Jen said.

The track wasn't too good, but it was still passable.

"This car wasn't meant for this track" said Jen.

Apart from the group of mountain goats we had passed, there wasn't much sign of life.The road (track) we were following got to the stage where we would need to convert to a four wheel drive to continue, so we doubled back and took the other fork.

At Volissos, it is worth
enquiring about staying
in the renovated
traditional houses.
There is not much going
on here, so it is a quiet
life. But I enjoyed the
beach a couple of kilometers
away and a quiet drink
in the late afternoon
with the locals.
There is a nice restaurant
in the upper part of
the town. And it was
lovely to walk down
to the local baker
early in the morning
for a fresh loaf of
crusty bread.

And we eventually found the village. Luckily the car just fitted between the houses that crowded the pavement. And by the look of the faces of the people we passed, cars were not meant to come the way we had come.

Through the village and back on the open road and we arrived at the coast where we enjoyed a drink at a seaside taverna near the small town of Volissos.

Jill, the expat pom we met while having a drink at the taverna, organised some accommodation and we stayed in Volissos for a few days.

Our journey then took us on through the geometrics of Pirgi, the black diamonds of the volcanic beaches, the history of Anavatos and Nea Moni, and the peace and beauty of the countryside.

Chios is a special island - it's steeped in history, the locals are pretty friendly - and it really doesn't matter if you do get lost.

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