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Ypsilou Monastery, Lesbos on TravelSnapz

The Ypsilou Monastery peak

The Ypsilou Monastery is a short distance from Antissa in western Lesbos. The monastery was established in 1101 - it holds a commanding position on top of the highest peak in the area.

The entrance to the monastery courtyard.

The entrance to the Ypsilou Monastery
Countryside shed

On the way to the monastery you'll see many picturesque sights . . . . an old stone shed in a field . . .

A countryside chapel

. . . a roadside chapel, seldom used, but not forgotten . . .

. . . the donkey waiting for the next task. All signs of a lifestyle that holds strongly to traditional beliefs.

The donkey waits for the next job

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Ypsilou Postcard

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