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Photographs of Mt Athos, The Holy Mountain

Boat at Zografou port

"What can I do for you if you wear the shameful garment of the flesh and have not laid bare your mind and made naked your soul, if you remain covered in darkness and do not have the strength to see the light . . ." Seymeon the Mystic

[Above] Boat at the port of
Zografou Monastery
[Right] Buildings at the port

Monastic settlements on Mt Athos began to appear about the mid 9th century with hermits living in caves. There are still hermits on Mt Athos, but most of the monks now live in communities. There are 20 monasteries and numerous "sketes" (a small monastic village of a few houses clustered around a church) scattered over the peninsular.

Buildings at Zografou port
Sunset in the courtyard of Zografou Monastery

[Left] The sun sets over the courtyard
of Zografou Monastery.

The Zografou Monastery is the only Bulgarian monastery on the peninsular. It is about 10 kilometers inland from the coast up a road that winds through the hills. It is a peaceful place - the only sound the quiet chanting of the white haired monk as he sat in the setting of the afternoon sun.

There is a small community of monks here who have shed their worldly possessions to seek a higher form of spiritual life.

[Right] Beehives along the track.

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Beehives along the track

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