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Photos of Philippi

Ancient carvings are strewn around the site

The ancient site of Philippi - originally a Macedonian settlement, passed through Roman and Greek hands, then the Turks, but the Greeks now collect the entrance fee.

Row T in the ancient theatre.

In the ancient theatre
The Roman latrines

You just have to do it! Must have been a great place to read the paper.

There is not much evidence of the Macedonian occupation, but the Roman and later Christian influence is well documented.

Ancient churches
The 16th Century aqueduct at Kavala on the coast

The nearby port city of Kavala grew in importance because of its access to Philippi. It is an interesting town with Turkish influence. The remains of a 16th century aqueduct slice through the town. A walk up through the narrow streets of the old town is rewarded with a beautiful sunset, and then it is time for a relaxing meal of local fish.

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