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Artena, Italy - A Travelsnapz Postcard

The church on the hill

The first thing you see as you approach Artena over the plain is the church steeples thrusting skyward from the top of the hill.

This small village is not on the tourist route, but if you care to deviate from the main highway that heads south from Rome, you'll be rewarded with an enchanting experience.

The welcoming doorway
of the local restaurant.

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The Province of Artena is important for its agriculture, the sheep milk cheese and its home made bread.

The welcoming door of the local restaurant.
Rope Pull

All the narrow streets lead down to the church. In a game of tug-of-war, its definitely an advantage to be on the downhill end.

There must be a
thousand of these little villages
in Italy not mentioned
by the guidebooks.

As we walked down to the church and into the little square, a lady hurried over with the key. They are certainly proud of their heritage. There has been a church here for a thousand years - now it's Church of S. Maria.

A stained glass
panel in the church
and a tribute to the
rural life of the area.

stained glass

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