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Postcard from Rome on TravelSnapz

Behind the facade of the Rome palazzos

The first thing you learn about Rome is that you need to look behind the facades. Inside the footpath hugging buildings are lovely courtyards, often with fountains and gardens.

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Ricardo's Roma Collection - trying to capture the essence, flavour and style of our two weeks in Rome in a short catwalk display would be like reading the complete works of Shakespeare in 30 minutes, so I won't try.

Instead be satisfied by having a browse through the photo pages - some photos of well known places, others of interesting faces, others maybe that tell you something of what we felt for this great city (besides the fact that Jen fell in love with the fashions).

There has been a lot written about Rome, people have been living on these seven hills for thousands of years and many of our standards and practices were first developed here.

Maybe in the photo pages you will see something you remember, maybe you will see something you will seek out next time you come.

Water is the essence of life in any city. In Rome, it's a required ingredient for the café that is drunk with gay abandon, and it also flows profusely in the many fountains that erupt (also with gay abandon) in the piazza's, on street corners, in courtyards. They seem to be a gathering point for people to meet and then fan out again through the streets. Some fountains announce themselves; others hide down narrow streets or lanes, clinging to a wall to let the constant traffic past.

Famous fountains include Bernini's Triton Fountain, on Piazza Barberini, and of course the place where young lovers congregate, the Trevi Fountain - throw a coin in the fountain and your wish will come true, whatever your age.

You can't go too far in Rome without coming across a church of some sort.

Rome wasn't built in a day, sometimes it just looks that way!

They are a bit like the fountains, some overstated in their decoration and gilt, some simple and peaceful, some interesting because of their history.

Some churches, like the Pantheon, have made use of structures that have been standing in this city for almost two thousand years; some are more recent in their architecture.

But whether new or old, it seems that most have their foundations on places that have been used for some kind of worship for many years before a one-God religion became in vogue (maybe these are just good spots; maybe there is a special aura around these places; maybe their destiny was ordained).

And, of course the spires and domes of the churches dominate Rome's skyline like no other city…………. while the streetscape below is filled with cafes and restaurants.

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But there is still room for lovely parks and gardens, places where the pace of the city is left behind and you can stroll quietly, or even hire a bicycle.

The essence of any city is its people. Rome has friendly people - people who are happy to have a chat, provide good service, give you directions. And if you get upset about the price of a coffee, just remember that you are paying for "sitting time" as well as the drink.

And the fashions! We are coming back to shop when we win the lottery.

Some things in Rome will never change, like the ancient ruins they just get older; so don't hurry, just make sure you get here sometime.

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