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More Photos of Serra San Bruno, Italy

An afternoon stroll

The area around Serra San Bruno is known as the greenhouse of Calabria. The town itself sits in a small amphitheatre and its tight alley ways and piazzas reveal ancient churches and grand palazzos.

An afternoon stroll to meet friends.

Sitting high above sea level, the clear air wraps the village in silence, interrupted by the sound of the birds and the church bells.

Streetscape 2

The village is positioned to catch the first rays of the sun in the East and the sunset to the West.

Around the town are tall firs and chestnut trees.

Fred Adams from Erie PA (USA) writes . . . "My grandparents came from Serra as did many of the ancestors of many of my old friends. We just had to go there on our trip to Italy last year. It is a wonderful little town and we really enjoyed or stay, only wish it could have been longer. A tour of the cemetery revealed many of the same names as those of my hometown of Johnsonburg PA. My friends uncle, Salvador Tripodi carved the wooden doors of the church in one of your photos. I will go back again someday."

Looking out from Serra San Bruno

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Serra San Bruno Postcard

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