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Siena, Italy .... Photos

Romulus and Remus

A statue of Romulus and Remus being feed by a she-wolf stands outside one of Siena's grand palazzos

Piazzo del Campo waiting for the horses - they come in August when the surrounding districts compete for the honour of winning the horse race around the huge square.

You can see that the centre of the square is bricked. The horses race around the outside which is stone flagged.

Piazzo del Campo waiting for the horses
The face of the Doumo

The richly adorned face of the Doumo. A 14th Century plan to build a massive new cathedral was abandoned due to the Black Death of 1348, which killed four-fifths of Siena's population.

The ceiling of the Baptistry. Be careful of the uneven flooring. I fell, so this is the view I remember.

In the Baptistry
Restaurant window

A warm inviting glow from a restaurant window in Siena.

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