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Photos from around Tropea, Italy

The courtyard of the Doumo in Tropea

Tropea is a pretty little town perched on the cliff-face facing out to sea on the West Coast of Italy. It is a popular spot during the summer months when the population swells with tourists and those who come to serve them.

The courtyard of the Duomo and [below] a street sign.

Street sign in Tropea

It is pleasant stroll up to the Chiesa dell'Isolla, a church dedicated to seafarers, that sits on top of a rocky outcrop that juts out into the sea.

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portal in Tropea, Italy
A feature of the town is the number of magnificent doorways. You can spend a day around the streets seeking out these architectural gems of an ancient culture. There needs to be a graffiti control program put in place to protect these examples of workmanship and style.


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