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t r a v e l s n a p z

T r a v e l   t h e   w o r l d   f o r   j u s t   a   f e w   c l i c k s


Photos of Verona, Italy

Looking down towards the main piazza

Looking down Verona's Via Roma to the city square and the council buildings.

A typical window in Verona.


The facade of one of the many churches in Verona.

The courtyard of Guilietta's home in Verona is covered in graffiti.

Fair Jennifer

Ah, at last - the fair Jennifer appears on the (famous) balcony. Live on, Shakespeare; live on, love.

Mr Travel Snapz has a suggestion.While we were looking around Verona, we stayed at Hotel Sanmicheli. The hotel is central at Via Valverde 2 and the staff are very considerate and helpful. Next time we go back to Verona, we won't look anywhere else for a comfortable bed at a competitive price. You can phone the hotel on 045/8003749.

Mr Travel Snapz has a suggestion.

Verona Opera

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