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A quiet corner in the folk museum in Gharb

Gozo is an interesting island just a short ferry ride away from the main island of Malta.

A quiet corner in the folk lore museum in Gharb. Here you will see how life was on the island.

There are many fine churches on the island. This one is in the small village of Gharb.....

Church at Gharb
The Cathedral in The Citadel

...and another in the Citadel area.

Marsalforn is (was) a small fishing village on the Northern coast. Now there are holiday units that tower over the pebbled beach.

Jen at Marsalforn
Salt pans near Marsalforn

The salt pans near Marsalforn. Sea water was allowed to enter the pans that have been carved out of the rock. As the water evaporated in the hot sun, the salt was harvested. Malta enjoys a pleasant climate, with rain generally restricted to a few days in December and January.

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