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t r a v e l s n a p z

T r a v e l   t h e   w o r l d   f o r   j u s t   a   f e w   c l i c k s


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Transport is easy around the island of Malta.

These wonderful old buses will get you almost anywhere cheaply.

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St John's Co-Cathedral

Above: St John's Co-Cathedral
contains a wealth of art
and has a museum attached.

Right: A street facade facing the harbour.

Street facade
Pharmacy bowl

An old pharmacy jar once used by the Hospitalier Knights. The Knights had an extensive medical facility on the island.

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Hand worked kneelers on a pew in one of the many churches in Valletta.

Church pew
Manoel Theatre

The Manoel Theatre was inaugurated in 1732. It is the oldest theatre in Europe still in regular use. The tiers of painted boxes are magnificent.


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