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The narrow lanes of the old walled medina of Bizerte

The narrow lanes of the walled medina - take a compass.

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Bizerte is an easy day trip by louage from Tunis.

The road passes through rural landscape, a picturesque look at this coastal farming land much different to the rain-starved interior.

When you arrive at Bizerte you pass over the high-bridged channel entrance that opens onto Lake Bizerte, past the commercial shipping docks to the small town. There is a wide boulevard that runs westward along the coast and a lovely wide beach. The day we were there, the wind was whipping up the sand and although we were looking forward to some beach-time, we couldn't stay there for long.

It was pleasant back in the sheltered town, around the old fishing harbour. The entrance to the old harbour is protected by a small fort and a walled medina.

The small fishing harbour in Bizerte. You can see the brown walls of the medina in the background.

The small fishing harbour in Bizerte

The medina is a residential area, without the usual cluttered market. We had a drink at a small shop just inside the entrance (the surprise of the shop-keeper giving away the fact that not too many tourists venture this way) and then wandered through the narrow lanes to find the other exit. The twists and turns fooled us and we finished up back at our original entry.

Bizerte was the last bastion of French rule in Tunisia. Lake Ichkeul, inland from Bizerte is a World Heritage wetland site - we didn't get there, but its status would warrant a visit if you have the time (and perhaps your own transport).

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