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Postcard from Tunisia - Le Kef

Mosque at Le Kef

A mosque at Le Kef.

Le Kef is a three-hour bus journey South of Tunis.

We arrive in time to have a look around the kasbah, the old fort that overlooks the city. It is interesting, but the main highlight is probably the views over the surrounding countryside.

Our hotel at Le Kef is probably the worst one we have ever stayed in (the one in Suez would run a close second) but for $US8 a night you can't expect too much (the bedroom is clean but the shower and toilet area were inadequate to say the least).

The ethnographic museum in Le Kef is one of the best of its kind; excellent displays covering arts and crafts and traditional customs that help you understand the local culture.

In this museum were displayed traditional clothes and jewelry, details about traditional medicine and dyes, cooking pots and living quarters; camel, horse and donkey halters and saddles, ploughing and blacksmith implements, rug making, embroidery, Islamic traditions and teaching - just about everything to do with day to day life. The caretaker followed us around and gave us a good description of all of the items with some additional explanations about life in general.

Le Kef is a good staging post to visit Dougga - and we spend a day around these old (mainly Roman) ruins.

Another night in the worst hotel in Tunisia (in our experience anyway) and the next morning we are on the bus for a four-hour drive to Gafsa, an oasis town on the edge of the southern desert. We are now entering the more traditional areas of the country and we look forward to interesting experiences.

Photos of the Kasbah at Le Kef.

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