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Star Wars Architecture
This article is an interesting take on the earthly architectural styles that have inspired George Lucas's visions of far away worlds, and how he has made alien planets seem so familiar.

Weather Underground
This free weather service is par to none. Enjoy up to the minute weather reports for 22 towns and cities throughout Tunisia - including 48 hour predictions.

Tunisia Online
A comprehensive gateway to news and information on all aspects on Tunisian life such as government, economy, history and tourism. A superlative site. This site also has a French mirror.

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies - Tunisia
An extensive listing of topical links to Tunisian information sites. However this is aimed at people with a more academic approach to the country, rather than the tourist.

World Travel Guide Online
This travel centre has extensive information covering such topics as inoculation obligations, passport/visa requirements, currency and banking, public holidays and internal travel advice.

Tunisian National TV
Though this webpage does not offer a greatly useful insight into Tunisia, it certainly does offer an unusual one! Through Real® video clips this site allows you to watch Tunisian television documentaries; from economic affairs, to culture, the environment and local election news. Unfortunately for most, the page is presented in French and all of the programs are either in Arabic or French.

CTV Services
The website for the Tunisian filming company who own the Mos Espa set. There are no details about Star Wars on this site, but their is a contact page than you can reach them through.

Bab El Web
A comprehensive search engine for numerous Tunisian companies. Has an extensive Travel and Tourism section.


Addresses - General
A selection of tour operators, airlines, hotels and services in Tunisia.

Addresses - ONTT
Tunisian tourist offices around the world.

Tourism Tunisia
The official Office de National Tourisme Tunisien (ONTT - Tunisian tourism authority) webpage has excellent pages on hotels, car hire, restaurants and ONTT offices throughout the country.

Lonely Planet - Tunisia
A detailed summary of travel tips, hotel guides, food and drink ideas, and many suggestions on where to go and how to spend your spare time in Tunisia.

Experience the ultimate escape with this Tozeur based balloon company. Discover the oases of Tozeur, the dunes of Douz and the palmeries of Nefta from 2000 ft. Suitable for professional and amateur balloonists seeking a rare view of Tunisia.

Camping Beaux Reves
This campsite, situated in the oasis at Tozeur, is handy for location hunting and gives you a good idea of traditional Berber life.

Travel & Accommodation:

An excellent site offering an abundance of resources to travellers heading to Tunisia. ZIARA covers travel, accommodation, maps and tourist information for all the towns and cities of Tunisia. French only.

For reservation, booking and flight cost information from all major European cities. French language only and a slow connection too.

A subsite of the TunisAir site, this gives flight information on internal flights between Tunis, Jerba, Tozeur and Sfax. French language only and a slow connection too.

Microsoft Expediamaps - Tunisia
This free mapping service offers scaleable maps of Tunisia. Though they are not detailed (only show major towns and roads) they are good enough to start making plans for your trip. It is recommended that you do take recent and accurate maps with you; Tataouine Tours offers a set of route maps that give detailed directions to all the Star Wars locations (see Products).