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Welcome to Molyvos on TravelSnapz

At the quay

The old customs house on the right and
the Sea Horse Hotel on the left
look out over the harbour.
The Once Upon a Time Restaurant is just to the right of the customs house.

Dear, dear Molyvos,

How can I describe you to someone who does not know
your moods, your ancient pathways, your people;
photographs of these things are inadequate, at least from my hand...

Your fortress guardian looks down, ready to act
but now no longer required,
except perhaps to attract those
who do not at first see
your subtle nature.

Looking up at the castle

The Genoese castle dominates the hill around which Molyvos clusters.

Together on the pier

A good relationship
is like shadows on the ripples of the water;
they come together for support,
but not to be held too tightly
so that they have the chance
to realise their individual dreams and directions.

And there is a companion shadow for everyone!

But you soon make friends,
Allowing all to meet you on their terms;
And until they do, you will be their shadow
nudging them gently towards the truth
and providing places for understanding.

Jessica from Holland writes: "I love your page about Molyvos and the Once Upon a Time Restaurant. I have just come back after a 2 month stay and Penny and her family are very good friends of mine. It's my first day of work and seeing the pictures and reading your comments make me feel home again. Thanks!"

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