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Photographic Resources


There is where I go when I want to find out about what's new in digital photography. Excellent and extensive reviews of equipment. Good regular newsletter to keep you in touch.

Part logo NYIP (c)

The New York Institute of Photography - plenty of tips on technique. Regular email update.

Travel info, country facts etc


A budget conscious travel guide providing information, tips, advice and links

CIA Fact Book

The CIA World Factbook - a general information source.

The Man in Seat 61

Train and Sea Travel information - be amazed

This is where I live. All the info you ever wanted to know about Victoria, Australia.

TravelNotes.org -- Your Online Guide to Travel.
Listed @ Travel Notes

The Online Guide toTravel

Travel Notes


Mike Kingdom-Hockings' New site with developing info about France (and some great stories)

Top 100

Top 100 Directory


A directory for independent travellers


The free online magazine for British expats. There's loads to do here and new things are being added all the time.


International tourism plaza where you can search or request vacations, find travel mates, check travelers experience, enjoy quizzes, jobs, and more... All for FREE!

Slow Travellers

Slow Travelers is a community of people who like to travel and experience new places. This web site is a place to talk to each other, answer questions about this type of travel and collect information.


A European guide with some stories and links to other information - designed for the backpacker and budget traveller.

Canuck Abroad

Matthew Reider's site for Canadians abroad or going there.

Travelogues, personal home pages

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Notes from the Road

Enjoy the unconventional writing style, stunningly illustrated with superb photography.

Jo's Travelbytes

Photos and info


A new travel web-site includes tips, resources, photos and guides. Sections for Interliners and help for family fun.


Not so crazy photos and design

Ruchan Zia Photography

Nice photos with a lovely feel


Take a look at Ayse and Jan's travels through China, Iran, Turkey, Thailand and other places.

World Hum

A travelwriting directory - updated everyday

Other Stuff

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Great information about travel writing and photography - and a commercial course as well.

         We got one! So can you.

Critical Mass

Contribute towards the critical mass. An Information Resource Guide for the Internet Traveler.


Cool web design




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