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Postcard from Molyvos, Greece onTravelSnapz

Enchanting scenery in the hills north of Mytilini

With this sort of scenery around, whocouldn't write a book!

Grilled to perfection at Skala Skamias.

In the olive grove.

In the olive grove

We were away from Mytilini early the next morning and ourfirst stop was the monastery of Ayios Raphael, about threekilometers inland from Thermi.

It was a pleasant spot at the endof a scenic winding road. What I remember of the place, besides the well kept grounds and the shady trees, is thatthe Abbess is the author of a number of books on wide ranging and enquiringsubjects.

I bought a wooden bread stamp from the old man on the kiosk atthe entrance to the sanctuary - when I get to use it, I'llpost a photo of the result on the site.

Grilled to perfection at Skala Skamias

The next major town north is Mantamados. Built inland in asmall hollow to hide it from pirates, this is the home of theChurch of the Taxiarch which houses a famed icon of ArchangelMichael, the patron saint of the island.

Further North, we called into Skala Skamias, an enchantingsmall-boat harbour, protected by an equally enchanting

Molyvos -
stone houses crowding cobblestoned streets that are draped in ancient wisteria vines

white-washed chapel. We couldn't resist having a fish meal onthe quay - delicious.

Our goal was Molyvos - and don't be confusedwith the ancient sign posting as the town was called Methymna; oris still called that, I could never really work it out.

Molyvos is one of the most enchanting villages that you willfind on a Greek island. It clusters up the hill towards the(magnificent) Genoese castle, the stone houses crowding thecobblestoned streets that are draped in ancient wisteria vines.The fishing boats rock gently behind the sea wall of the harbouron the point, and in between there is the wonderful hospitalityof the restaurant called Once Upon a Timein Molyvos.

UPDATE - April 2011:
Penny and Kostas are now the proud proprietors of the Coco Cafe, just along the coast at Kavaki. It's just the scenery that's changed, the friendly delicious food went with them. You can take a look at the new restaurant at their website.

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Kostas and Penny are chefs from Athens.They have only been in Molyvos for a few years, so perhaps theyare not yet called "locals". But even the locals cannotresist the charm and open friendliness with which they prepareand serve their wonderful fare.

I owe all my backgammon skills to Kostas and Penny. They aregreat people, so if you get to Molyvos, wander down to the portand relax with a glass of white wine out of the wooden barrel andhave whatever Penny recommends - it will be perfect.

We stayed at Molyvos for the next eight days, enjoying thevillage and taking day trips across the North of the island. Wemade sure that we were back at base by around 4pm, so we couldsit on our balcony in the late afternoon sun, enjoy a red, gazeup at the castle, and talk about life. Then around 7.30pm, yes Iknow it's early by Greek standards, we would stroll down tothe dock to enjoy whatever Penny said was good thatday.

What a great time-out that was.

Time out in Molyvos . . .

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