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From the Genoese castle

Looking down towards the harbour of Molyvos from the ramparts of the Genoese castle. With a little encouragement, the gatekeeper of the castle will show you his artwork, which is not unlike the whimsical style of the more famous Lesbos painter Theophilos.

Molyvos, Lesbos, Greece

The old industries that provided seasonal employment - olives and fishing - have now been largely replaced by tourism. The old 'Olive Oil - Soaps, T Tryphon & Co. SA' factory (seen here and behind the boat below) is now the first class Olive Press hotel.

Olives and fishing
The Olive Press Hotel

Fishing boats lie protected behind the sea wall in the harbour. In the summer months their ranks will be increased by the cruising yachts that call in to pick up supplies and perhaps enjoy a meal at the quayside tavernas. Once Upon a Time in Molyvos would be my restaurant of choice.

The harbour

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