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Photos of Mdina, Malta

Archeology lives in Mdina

Mdina in Malta is one of Europe's finest examples of an ancient walled city, and unusual in its mix of medieval and baroque architecture. The city had a building "renewal" after the devastating earthquake of 1693 when most of the buildings were razed to the ground. The Cathedral too was almost destroyed with only part of the apse remaining upright.

But there is no sign of destruction now. The narrow streets are lined with beautiful buildings - mostly residential but a few restaurants and souvenir shops cater for the new economy.

Above: In the square in front of the Cathedral, they are still discovering an ancient world.

Right: The Cathedral of Mdina.

The Cathedral is worth a visit. There is some great stained glass and the memorial tablets that line the floor are interesting. The roof soars overhead and is covered with religious scenes.

Opposite the Cathedral entrance there is a museum, but there is plenty of history in and under the streets.

The Cathedral of Mdina

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