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Tamerza Palace Hotel on Travelsnapz.com

The pool at the Tamerza Palace Hotel

The Tamerza Palace Hotel was designed by Tunisian architect Foued Elleuch. Constructed in 1990, it relates well to the surrounding countryside as it looks out over the atmospheric ruins of the nearby Berber village that was abandoned after weeks of torrential rain in 1969.

In a land where an oasis is a gentle and secure resting place, the four star rating of the hotel provides a level of comfort unknown to ancient travellers of this dry and parched land. It is truly a place to get away from it all.

Inside, the four stars shine.
The brown colourings are brilliant against the blue sky.

The architecture of the building reflects the rich Berber traditions of the area.

The vines and old pots add a touch of beauty.

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The door to the bar.
Almost unseen against the surrounding parchness.

The blue of the pool reflects the sky, and the 65 rooms of the hotel melt into the browns of the surrounding gorges and hills.

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