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Postcard from the Melbourne Zoo

In the reptile house

Welcome to the zoo. It's a popular outing for families all year round in Melbourne, Australia. And in summer you can enjoy the popular twilight concerts (mixed with appropriate animal sounds) while you have your picnic on the lawns.

There is a great variety of animals, reptiles, birds and butterflies to see. Enjoy the photos on the next few pages for just a few clicks, but make sure you visit in person if you are in Melbourne.

Getting to the zoo is easy. Catch the Upfield line train and hop off at Royal Park right next to the zoo entrance.

These guys are headed for the open plain zoo at Werribee, about 20 kms out of Melbourne.

Lions at the zoo
Macaw - Melbourne Zoo

These colourful birds are caged near the main entrance. The zoo also has a free flight aviary.


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