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Postcard from Salamanca Market

Snow sprinkled on Mt Wellington overlooking Salamanca market

The sun might be shining, but even the locals are rugged up as they browse through the Saturday morning stalls of Salamanca market on Hobart's dockside in southern Tasmania.

A late winter snow dusting on the slopes of Mt Wellington reminds us that this Australian city is just a 1000 miles from Antartica, and the winter winds can cut right through several layers.

But before you start to browse, maybe breakfast in the sheltered courtyard behind the bluestone buildings that once had important maritime functions, but now are the haunt of souvenir and art seekers as the gnarled faces of fishermen have given way to those who don't have to fight so hard for their catch.

[Above] A snow dusted Mt Wellington looks down on the market.

[Right] Fresh produce - one of the highlights of Saturday morning in Salamanca Place.

Food stalls at Salamanca market, Hobart Tasmania

But the fishermen can still be found a few hundred meters away in Constitution Dock, which is also home once a year to those that manage to finish the Sydney to Hobart ocean yacht classic.

Bluestone buildings of Salamanca Place, Hobart Tasmania. 

Then the dock area takes on a new life. Food, wine and music are plentiful, and the tastes of Tasmania give us a thousand reasons to come back again.

But today - it's just an ordinary Saturday. Herbal teas, plants for the spring garden, pre-loved clothing, bottled delights - it's all here, crowded up against the bluestone that houses crafted wooden furniture, local boutique wines, souvenirs, books and coffee shops.

There is much to be seen in this island state. And life is not so rushed as it can be in bigger cities. So when you have finished dockside, maybe you could climb Kelly's Steps and stroll through nearby Battery Point, around Arthur's Circus and stare back at the quaint cottages that surround the green.

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