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Photos from Pompeii

Looking at Vesuvius

Pompeii, Italy. A well-visited tourist spot featuring the remains of a city once covered in pumice ash from a volcanic eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79AD.

You'll need three or four hours to get around the site and this will give you a unique picture of the form of an ancient Roman city. A few attempts to revive the city were made after the catastrophic event (but perhaps these attempts were more designed to plunder any riches that had been left by the hasty exit of the population). But then Pompeii drifted out of memory until 1594 when it was discovered during the building of a canal. However, earnest excavations were not commenced until 1748 (again to recover the valuables).

Archeological excavations were commenced in 1860 and still continue in a limited manner today.

What Pompeii is all about. Looking out to the mountain that caused the problem - Mt Vesuvius.

Cavities in the solidified pumice stone were filled with plaster to form the shapes of those that didn't escape.

Death Mask
the bath house

The bath house is very extensive with hot and cold rooms.

A mosaic in one of the buildings.

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Columns of a temple

Columns of an ancient temple.

Maybe the gods had higher aspirations for the city - maybe they got shares in the ticket box.

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Pompeii Postcard

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