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Have a look at the image for this month. Tech details: speed 1/180, aperture f13, ISO 200, focal length 35mm, photo date January 2002, Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic.

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Lesbos, Greece

I owe all my backgammon skills to Kosta and Penny. They are great people, so if you get to Lesbos, make sure you go to the little village of Molyvos, wander down to the port and relax with a glass of white wine out of the wooden barrel and have whatever the cook recommends - it will be perfect....

In the harbour, Mytilini, Lesbos Greece


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When a fire walking ceremony is performed at night, it can be spectacular entertainment.
The ceremony begins with dancing, flashing fire sticks, .......(more)

The fire walker prepares.


Soup IN bread
Prague has many attractions, including soup IN bread. A glazed loaf is hollowed out to form a bowl, and even the bowl is delicious! See what else this capital of the Czech Republic has to offer or view the wonderful stained glass of St Vitus Cathedral.

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Dargo, Australia

Dargo, Vic:

Population: Nominal (323km E Melbourne) Agricultural district. Fuel available limited hours. Bush walking, fishing, gold prospecting, scenic drives, swimming (river), tennis.... (more)

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