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Welcome to Tunisia.

This is not a trip through the glossy hotel strip of the East coast where they serve cauliflower cheese to the package tourists.

Rather, this is a journey past the colorful and fragrant spices, down the narrow roofed lanes of the medinas, into the kasbahs and the ksors, past the blue studded Moorish doors, to the history of Carthage and the Roman ruins that are spread around this interesting country.

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Join our visit to the Bardo Museum to see the mosaics, visit the Berber towns of the South, look around Carthage, the island of Djerba, the Roman ruins of Douga, the Holy City of Kairouan and the Great Mosque, visit Matmata, and a desert oasis, and rest a while in the luxury of the Tamerza Palace Hotel.

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Le Lezard Rouge

The red carriages of The Red Lizard wind their way up through the gorges and past the desert springs for a unique experience.

Man in mosque
Man in Mosque in Kairouan

El Jem

In El Jem, you can stride out onto the arena, lift your eyes to the imaginary crowd, draw your sword and wait for the opposing gladiator to make his move.

New on Travelsnapz

Photos of Le Kef Kasbah. The town of Le Kef is largely ignored by the tourist buses, but there is an impressive kasbah to see in addition to a well presented ethnographic museum.

Bizerte is a small town on the North West coast of Tunisia.

Story and photos about Nefta, a small oasis in the South West near the Algerian border.

Enjoy the luxury of the Tamerza Palace Hotel.

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Matmata - a barren landscape
See how the Berbers beat the heat of this barren landscape by moving underground!

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