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Welcome to Greece on TravelSnapz

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Much more to come.

Take the Travelsnapz
Tour of Greece.

You'll visit Chios, Ioannina, Lesbos, Meteora, Mt Athos, Philippi, the strange geometrics of Pirgi, the beautiful beaches of Skiathos and stop by at the market in Santas Street. More to be added to the tour soon.

Welcome to Greece on Travelsnapz.

Greece has always held a fascination for those looking for a relaxed atmosphere, friendly people, good food, ancient cultures, interesting history, island life, the sun, ..... well, the list could go on and on!

And on Travelsnapz Greece, we'll show it all to you for just a few clicks.

In fact we expect that Travelsnapz Greece will just keep on expanding - the place just calls you back and back.

What can you do on Travelsnapz Greece?

You can take our Guided Tour, take a mystery click, or relax in one of our featured destinations below.

Your feedback is important to us, so let us know about your experience.

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What's new?
Story and photos of Ypsilou Monastery

Visit the market at Santas Street, Thessaloniki

Photos of Zografou Monastery and a link to our Mt Athos story.

Ancient Philippi - the end to the Roman republic?

Skiathos - Postcard and Photos

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Greek Ferries
Greek Rail
Why just go for the sun, what about the culture?
      Greek Island Postcards


Ioannina and the Zagori area in North-West Greece is a region of high mountains, deep gorges (the Vikos George is the deepest in the world), beautiful lakes . .

The beautiful lake at Ioannina

When you think of Greece, you think of good food, relaxation, history . . .
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Column at Philippi
A column at the ancient site of Philippi in the North East of Greece.


Beaches, bars and Greek history - what a combination awaits you at Skiathos. There are no great monuments, but this is the place where the blue and white Greek flag was first raised. Take a ferry or fly - or see it for a few clicks on Travelsnapz.

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Greek food is simple and nice. It's one of the things that just keep you coming back to Greece!

A little dish before we start?

When we get a recipe from Penny and Kostas, we'll publish it on Travelsnapz!

Pilgrimage to
the Holy Mountain

Join us on a visit to the monasteries of Mt Athos.

Soon to come:
Rhodos, Athens, Skiros, Crete, Santorini, Delphi ..... much, much, more!


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