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Italy . . . . .

It's got everything. There may be some nearby countries that offer a cheaper holiday, but that will not deter the millions of visitors that come to Italy each year.

Italy just has that something (besides everything).

And the lucky thing is, you can see some of Italy on Travelsnapz for just a few clicks!

So settle back and enjoy the Travelsnapz Tour or pick one of our featured stories below.

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You'll visit Artena, the Amalfi coast, Catania, Agrigento, Erice, Gerace, Marsala and the Salt Road, the beautiful rose colored stone of Noto, Paestum, Palermo, Pompeii, Rome, Naples, Serra San Bruno, Siena, Syracusa, Taormina, Tropea, and Verona.

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Just Added

The spectacular Amalfi Coast - wow!

The magnificent Greek temples at Paestum - worth a look.

"I do, I do" in Naples.

Can it be the food?

Salvatore wanted some more photos of Serra San Bruno to show his Grandma.

Photos of Teatro Massimo in Palermo.

Smart Italy Click

Holiday rentals in Italy and links to other traveller comments.

Noto, Sicily

Noto is just a short bus journey West from Syracuse. In the promotional pamphlets it's called "garden of rock" because of the lovely rose-coloured local stone that has been used to create most of the buildings.

The beautiful rose colored stone of Noto.

Restaurant Siena
There's a restaurant
waiting for you
at Siena.

Smart Click

Check out accommodation in Florence and Tuscany

Alternative accommodation choices at Hotel Ninja

Greek Temples

Visit the Greek temples near Agrigento in Sicily and soak up the atmosphere. Or just look at the photos.

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