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You'll visit a batik factory, a Budhist temple, the magical frescoes of Sigiriya Rock, Dambulla, see traditional dance, elephants, firewalkers, a Hindu temple, mask makers, back to Sigiriya Rock, and last of all watch the wood-carvers! What a trip!. And all in just a few clicks!

Welcome to the Sri Lanka section of Travelsnapz.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and Travelsnapz will take you around the island for just a few clicks!

You can take our guided tour, or click on a featured story below. We hope you enjoy your journey through our stories, travelogues and photos.

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Mask Makers

Mask making is an important part of Sri Lankan culture. The masks are still used in traditional dance to identify characters. Join us in a visit to a mask making workshop

A dancer wears a traditional mask


Can you hear the drums? The tempo is increasing and the dancing is about to begin....


Do you like elephants?


We have a special photo tour. So grab your camera and come with us to elephant country

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