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About the Author and Photographer - Richard Dobbie

On the sand hills at Nefta, Tunisia

On the sand hills near Nefta, Tunisia November 2001

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Richard Dobbie lives in Melbourne, Australia and is a keen photographer and traveller.

"Photos bring back such great memories and writing about travel experiences is a wonderful way to share what you learn about other places and countries."

Travelsnapz is primarily a digital album to display photos and publish some travelwriting.

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Thanks to......

Jenny: For being so patient when I have my head behind the camera or in front of the screen; and for much of the research for the articles on this site

Anatoli,  Jonathan, and Johan have been generous with their time and suggestions.

And thanks to Mike who has given me plenty of cyber encouragement.

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Much more to come.

In the beginning ...

I started to learn html in February, 2001 and then launched the original (now deleted) Travelsnapz. Then Jen and I took a six month break to travel thru Italy, Tunisia, Malta, Czech Republic, Austria and Greece, so when I returned I had to re-learn the limited html skills I had previously acquired. The new Richard's Travelsnapz was launched in April, 2002.

Currently ....

I am now trying to get Travelsnapz to a content and design level that I am happy with. It's a frustrating task, but I think it is gradually getting there.

There is a mountain of material to add, and the job offers new challenges ever day.

Comments and feedback are always welcome, so be my guest...

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The future ...

Travelsnapz will never cover every destination. But maybe it will carve itself a little but important niche in www travelogues. After all, life's a journey.

I hope you enjoy your journey on www.travelsnapz.com.

All the material on Travelsnapz is © Richard Dobbie unless otherwise indicated. Permission for the use of this material is often granted, especially for non-profit purposes. Please ask.