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Welcome to Travelsnapz.com - a collection of travelogues, stories and photos about travel, places and people from around the world. This site is designed for your entertainment - we hope we can give you something of the flavour of the countries we visit.

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One of the reasons we travel is to have a challenge - read about our climb to the top of Cradle Mountain.

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It's great entertainment, the fire flares, and the flames lick around their bodies.

Visit Kandy in the highlands of Sri Lanka for the fire dance.

A Travelsnapz Special
Visit the Zoo
Melbourne, Australia has one of the world's finest zoos. See the animals for just a few clicks!

Ancient Town

Dougga in Tunisia is one of the best of the ancient Roman town sites we have seen, a good rival to Ephesus in Turkey.

We visited the site from Le Kef, catching a bus to Teboursouk and then engaging a local to take us the final 10km to the ancient site. You will find plenty willing to take you to Dougga and return later at an appointed time to collect you.

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34% liked looking at travel photos.

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Food, travel, food, travel, food (May, 2003)

Rising to the occasion - the breads of Brunswick - story and photos added May 2003.

Baroque architecture - story and three pages of photos about Mdina in Malta added May 2003.

The Palermo Opera House - Photos of Teatro Massimo added June 2003.

Visit the Melbourne Zoo - three pages of photos added July 2003.

Tasmania's Salamanca Place is home to a great Saturday morning market added August 2003.

A great panoramic photo of Hobart's Mt Wellington and Lindisfarne Bay added August 2003.

Several pages about the beautiful Cradle Mountain National Park in Tasmania start here added Feb 2004

Panorama from the top of Cradle Mountain added February 2004 (6 second load).

View of Cradle Mountain from the boathouse at Dove Lake (9 second load) added February 2004

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Check out some old favourites on Travelsnapz .....

Cradle Mountain

Scenery, scenery, scenery. Tasmania's world heritage listed Cradle Mountain/Lake St Clair national park is a top tourist attraction - and its easy to see why when you look at this series of photos we have put together for your enjoyment.

Crater Lake

So join us as we climb Cradle Mountain.

Feature Story

From our World Traveller series.

Scams and Swindles

I'm not going to confess that I have been the victim of any of these scams and swindles, but sometimes we all let our guard down. Especially when we are travelling independently and we haven't quite got into "travel" mode.

So read on and learn from the confessions of others, and maybe confess yourself.

Mdina, Malta

The entrance to Mdina, Malta is one of the most classic entries to a small town you will ever see. Across the bridge that spans the old moat stands a classic arch with a magnificent mantle - this town's got class!

The Soul of Italy

Take a trip to the "soul" of Italy. Gerace is a small town that looks out over the Ionian Sea. You will enjoy the narrow streets, the unique sun-dial arch, and the treasures in the church museum. Why is the cathedral so unique? - read our Gerace postcard.

Travelogues on Travelsnapz
travel the world
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Travelling with a digital camera.

Want some tips on travelling with a digital - this is the place and we have just added a full page of comments and tips from Ming who has just returned from an extensive world wide trip.


Come with us on an elephant safari in Sri Lanka.

Ancient Rocks

Malta is an interesting place. History and scenery combine to offer an ideal holiday destination. If you're a rock stacker at heart, you will be in raptures, especially around the ancient rocks of Hagar Qim. And with Travelsnapz, you can visit for just a few clicks!

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The place is well named because, as the chatter of the school group fades off into the distance, a wonderful gentle elixiure of sound and sights envelopes you. It's good for the soul.

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